Who do you think you are? You’re not good enough!

Taking big leaps in your venture requires great risk, exposure and uncertainty. Especially when you’re mission driven there’s an emotional vulnerability intrinsically linked to this risk. To share your vision is to allow yourself to be seen. This raw honesty is foundational to not only your purpose but your bottom line. 

Many years ago, while I was launching my healthcare and trauma healing clinic it demanded I share more and more of myself authentically. But to reveal parts of my journey healing from abuse, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and scoliosis brought up a lot of fear and triggered a lot of shame. 

So there was also a part of me guarding my vulnerability. This meant I postured myself in such a way that actually inhibited my creativity and restrained my innovation. This kept me from living into the wave of change and growth of my business despite a deep drive and longing within me. 

I held a belief that my vulnerability was weak and I wasn’t even aware of the shame tapes still running the show until they blew up in my face. Each time I’d take a leap in growing my venture I would feel paralyzed by the belief that I didn’t really have what it took to pull it off. My bold vision would feel squashed by the weight of my shame. This made it incredibly difficult to present my work to the world and fully own the value of my worth.

Plus I felt I needed to overcompensate to show face and appear like I had it all under control. Since my shame and fear were crippling me from the inside I did everything in my power to present as if I had it all figured out on the outside. 

When you feel it’s wrong to be you, a function of shame, it can lend itself to suppressed anger and aggression. Not feeling like there’s a place for you in the world, much less your big vision, can create feelings of isolation and being unsafe. This fear does a great job at keeping us and our ventures small. 

The more we live into the fulfillment of our mission the more we we’ll come up against the corrosive nature of both shame and fear …  “It’s wrong for me to think this big” “Who am I to be so bold?” “Take up space?” “Influence others?” “Play by my own rules?” “Create a new paradigm” “Inspire change in others?” “I should just get in line like everyone else” 

Yet when we’re aligned to the highest good, and hold true and steadfast to living a life of service, it will demand we look shame right in the eye, question its validity and uproot its origins. This takes the same level of commitment as delivering on our outer vision yet its all an inside game and it takes both courage and empathy. 

Empathy can help us connect to our own humanity and that of others. Then we feel less alone, less separate, and more connected and supported. From this very place of human connection we can harness the power of our own presence to find alignment and staying power. When we set the shame aside we can rest in the uncertainty of entrepreneurship and experience it as an ocean of possibility to fuel the long view of our vision. Then being seen becomes our greatest asset and not a liability. 

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Privilege Is The Power To Advocate

What if the only difference between possibility & reality is perspective?

Our destiny is our destiny. We get to decide if it's our greater or lesser destiny. It's not the struggles along the way that define us, but how we respond to each obstacle along the way. We can turn them into stepping stones to live into the fulfillment of our mission on this planet. 

This way the narrative of our lives can become a beacon to others wanting to challenge the status quo and shift the existing paradigm. It's within our power to create a new mythology to guide our future.

Your life story and the adversity you’ve overcome often point to a new vision for the world. As an entrepreneur your movement may strive to create equity through both self and social transformation. 

When we heal our own wounds it can serve as a pathway to not only better health but educational, social, economic and political justice. When we address the impacts of your own unresolved trauma we can rise up as champions of justice and shift both intergenerational and institutionalized trauma. 

This is the essence of our hero's journey - a courageous path where we look the tiger in the eye - and dissolving our own self imposed limitations. Then how we show up in the world is enough to inspire change for the greater good.

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Entrepreneurism as Spiritual Practice

There is a part of me and you so deep that no storm can take it away. When we are aligned with this truth, and the wisdom of its guiding force, our business can become a force for good and help us know ourselves more deeply.

Over the last 15 years I've come to experience entrepreneurship as the greatest journey back to myself. Every struggle along the way is its own kind of love. And it asks for tender care to live in the fulfillment of my mission and in service to humanity.

But how can I serve humanity if I am not in service to myself? It's a fine balancing act tending to both my inner world and the mounting demands of business. Just as important as what I do, is how I do it. With this awareness my leadership can invoke a deeper presence within me to support the longing and fulfillment of my outer mission. 

Can you relate? As culture shifters and visionaries our job is to pioneer truth. This is full of promise and it's no easy task. It calls upon and invokes our highest self. When the stakes are high fear can sideswipe and sabotage. It's easy to get in our own way and lose our staying power.

That's why for so many entrepreneurs anxiety, high stress and overwhelm are par for the course. When our own pain has pointed to our purpose we need to dig deep to ensure it doesn't hijack our bottom line and the impact we're here to make.

In order to execute and deliver on that next level vision we need to excavate deep within ourselves to clear out the blindspots that might stop us in your tracks. Limiting behaviors and beliefs can easily sideswipe and sabotage, especially when we're breaking through upper limits in our success and our reach. 

The New Entrepreneur realizes that their humanity is their greatest asset and that community is the new currency. 

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Your Impulse or Desire to Create

Sahaja (Sanskrit: sahaja), means “co-emergent; spontaneously or naturally born together.”

Sahaja is the expression of spirit and matter as one - a ritual union of the feminine and masculine principles. Sahaja practices arose in Bengal during the 8th century among Buddhist Yogis called Sahajiya Siddhas. 

Sahaja means natural. It's living within our instinctual perfection. As we grow in accordance to our own nature we conform only to the natural law of our own life force. Spanda is the freedom that arises from the vibration of our divine consciousness. It is the original and primordial subtle vibration that manifests as the whole universe.

Derived from the root spadi: “to move a little” - a subtle creative pulse of the universe - Spanda is the pulse that manifests into the dynamism of living form. The entire universe is nothing but conscious energy. Everything in the universe is that consciousness expressed in different forms.

This throb or pulse is a wave in the ocean of consciousness. Undulating movement and vibration issues forth from an unseen force emanating not only from the center outward but from everywhere at once.

Spanda is an impulse or a desire to create.

It's likened to an eternal spring that overflows joyfully within its inner essence. It is the source of authentic action. This infinite spectrum of frequencies flashes forth as radiant intelligence. It’s our personal spark of that huge, primordial life force. It is the energy behind the breath, our heartbeat, and the movement of our thoughts and feelings. It is also the source of all our inner experiences.

This ultimate reality itself quivers. The pulsation of Spanda moves as resonance and it exists continuously. Spanda is the foundational substratum of the manifest world. All the possibilities of becoming and all that has yet to be created exist within this quiver.

Over the last 15 years my living prayer has been to be guided in such a way that I may be of greatest service to humanity. This has helped me awaken to Spanda and circulate it as the driving force and inspiration that fuels and informs my living legacy. This has catalyzed a transformative path of healing where I’ve had the opportunity to come up against and dissolve all that stands between me and the authentic expression of my life force energy. 

Entrepreneurism is very much a part of my spiritual practice. 

As with any practice there are plenty of obstacles along the way. As we rise up in leadership it demands we dig deep within the reservoirs of our being. Life experiences, traumas, beliefs and behaviors can all hijack our impact and our bottom line. Limiting beliefs and behaviors can create anxiety, overwhelm and confusion and get in the way of our "bigger than life" visions. Yet when we are committed to our calling - something greater than ourselves - and in alignment with this primordial life force energy within us, we can turn most any obstacle into a stepping stone. 

Living in the recognition of Spanda allows us to express ourselves in wholeness. This way we can harness our innate intelligence and lead from a place of empowered alignment, integrity and staying power. 

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