Your Impulse or Desire to Create

Sahaja (Sanskrit: sahaja), means “co-emergent; spontaneously or naturally born together.”

Sahaja is the expression of spirit and matter as one - a ritual union of the feminine and masculine principles. Sahaja practices arose in Bengal during the 8th century among Buddhist Yogis called Sahajiya Siddhas. 

Sahaja means natural. It's living within our instinctual perfection. As we grow in accordance to our own nature we conform only to the natural law of our own life force. Spanda is the freedom that arises from the vibration of our divine consciousness. It is the original and primordial subtle vibration that manifests as the whole universe.

Derived from the root spadi: “to move a little” - a subtle creative pulse of the universe - Spanda is the pulse that manifests into the dynamism of living form. The entire universe is nothing but conscious energy. Everything in the universe is that consciousness expressed in different forms.

This throb or pulse is a wave in the ocean of consciousness. Undulating movement and vibration issues forth from an unseen force emanating not only from the center outward but from everywhere at once.

Spanda is an impulse or a desire to create.

It's likened to an eternal spring that overflows joyfully within its inner essence. It is the source of authentic action. This infinite spectrum of frequencies flashes forth as radiant intelligence. It’s our personal spark of that huge, primordial life force. It is the energy behind the breath, our heartbeat, and the movement of our thoughts and feelings. It is also the source of all our inner experiences.

This ultimate reality itself quivers. The pulsation of Spanda moves as resonance and it exists continuously. Spanda is the foundational substratum of the manifest world. All the possibilities of becoming and all that has yet to be created exist within this quiver.

Over the last 15 years my living prayer has been to be guided in such a way that I may be of greatest service to humanity. This has helped me awaken to Spanda and circulate it as the driving force and inspiration that fuels and informs my living legacy. This has catalyzed a transformative path of healing where I’ve had the opportunity to come up against and dissolve all that stands between me and the authentic expression of my life force energy. 

Entrepreneurism is very much a part of my spiritual practice. 

As with any practice there are plenty of obstacles along the way. As we rise up in leadership it demands we dig deep within the reservoirs of our being. Life experiences, traumas, beliefs and behaviors can all hijack our impact and our bottom line. Limiting beliefs and behaviors can create anxiety, overwhelm and confusion and get in the way of our "bigger than life" visions. Yet when we are committed to our calling - something greater than ourselves - and in alignment with this primordial life force energy within us, we can turn most any obstacle into a stepping stone. 

Living in the recognition of Spanda allows us to express ourselves in wholeness. This way we can harness our innate intelligence and lead from a place of empowered alignment, integrity and staying power. 

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