Entrepreneurism as Spiritual Practice

There is a part of me and you so deep that no storm can take it away. When we are aligned with this truth, and the wisdom of its guiding force, our business can become a force for good and help us know ourselves more deeply.

Over the last 15 years I've come to experience entrepreneurship as the greatest journey back to myself. Every struggle along the way is its own kind of love. And it asks for tender care to live in the fulfillment of my mission and in service to humanity.

But how can I serve humanity if I am not in service to myself? It's a fine balancing act tending to both my inner world and the mounting demands of business. Just as important as what I do, is how I do it. With this awareness my leadership can invoke a deeper presence within me to support the longing and fulfillment of my outer mission. 

Can you relate? As culture shifters and visionaries our job is to pioneer truth. This is full of promise and it's no easy task. It calls upon and invokes our highest self. When the stakes are high fear can sideswipe and sabotage. It's easy to get in our own way and lose our staying power.

That's why for so many entrepreneurs anxiety, high stress and overwhelm are par for the course. When our own pain has pointed to our purpose we need to dig deep to ensure it doesn't hijack our bottom line and the impact we're here to make.

In order to execute and deliver on that next level vision we need to excavate deep within ourselves to clear out the blindspots that might stop us in your tracks. Limiting behaviors and beliefs can easily sideswipe and sabotage, especially when we're breaking through upper limits in our success and our reach. 

The New Entrepreneur realizes that their humanity is their greatest asset and that community is the new currency. 

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