Privilege Is The Power To Advocate

What if the only difference between possibility & reality is perspective?

Our destiny is our destiny. We get to decide if it's our greater or lesser destiny. It's not the struggles along the way that define us, but how we respond to each obstacle along the way. We can turn them into stepping stones to live into the fulfillment of our mission on this planet. 

This way the narrative of our lives can become a beacon to others wanting to challenge the status quo and shift the existing paradigm. It's within our power to create a new mythology to guide our future.

Your life story and the adversity you’ve overcome often point to a new vision for the world. As an entrepreneur your movement may strive to create equity through both self and social transformation. 

When we heal our own wounds it can serve as a pathway to not only better health but educational, social, economic and political justice. When we address the impacts of your own unresolved trauma we can rise up as champions of justice and shift both intergenerational and institutionalized trauma. 

This is the essence of our hero's journey - a courageous path where we look the tiger in the eye - and dissolving our own self imposed limitations. Then how we show up in the world is enough to inspire change for the greater good.

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