Are Your Behaviors Sabotaging Your Bottom Line?

Research has shown that the most successful entrepreneurs and leaders have lived through some of the most horrific adversity. Coping mechanisms, survival strategies and behaviors that stem from traumatic life experiences often help us develop a particular drive that can yield tremendous success. 

Yet innovation can’t sustain from this fight flight stress response. If we stay fixated on behaviors organized around survival there’s a limit to how far we grow our vision. Fortunately our behaviors are not hard-wired but soft-wired into the brain. This means we can optimize our behaviors and our performance to keep up with and evolve the long term growth and fulfillment of our ventures. 

The brain contains over 100 billion neurons interconnected by over a trillion synapses. Synapses are the points of contact between neurons which transfer and store information. Habitual thoughts and behaviors strengthen synapses for better or for worse. When we’re stuck in a fight flight stress response it wears on us. The initial strategies that helped us get out of the gate can quickly become our greatest liability. The hustle mentality that first helped us forge a new path, push through obstacles and build our business can quickly lead to the death of our ventures.

The brain has a remarkable capacity to generate and integrate new cells - or neurons, and remodel pre-existing neural circuits. Our mental activity is based on our brain's neural activity. This means our mind and our mental states literally become our brain. Plasticity occurs when our basic needs of safety and connection are met. Then we can begin to create new constructs and frameworks through which to experience ourselves, the world and support the growth of our ventures. 

When the brain is functioning through the lens of old fight, flight survival strategies we limit what’s possible. Our cognitive performance is compromised and it’s hard for us to think outside of the box, remain creative and continue to innovate. 

I help entrepreneurs, leaders and executives address the behaviors, beliefs and thoughts that frame their entire life experience and their orientation to the growth of their ventures. This way their success is aligned with empowered alignment and not fear. 

The growth of your venture needs to be a sustainable reflection of who you know yourself to be today instead of a reflection of historic survival strategy from the past. Ready to shift into a growth mindset? Join my next live event or schedule a complimentary upper limit strategy session today.