Moving Away From Or Moving Towards?

Our values determine what’s important to us. They drive our beliefs, our behaviors and our decision making. And they play a large role in the growth and long term success of our ventures. When we live in congruence with what matters most we can place emphasis on and move towards the fulfillment of our life mission. 

Running a successful 6 figure trauma healing and healthcare practice for 15 years I’ve observed that when we are in the thick of our pain and illness all we can think about is getting out of it. This motivation is great to get us out of a hard place so our lives can become manageable again. Yet avoiding pain can become front of mind and can easily become our new norm. This creates a fear based cycle that holds us back from new possibilities within not only our health but our lives.

In the same way, when it comes to the growth of our business, we can also get stuck in a “good enough” mindset. This impacts how we show up as we are growing our venture. We may reach a certain level of success and our focus is placed on just maintaining what we’ve created instead of leaning into that next level of growth. If we get stuck here it can indicate that either our values are in conflict or there’s confusion and lack of clarity around our values. This can leave us with very little bandwidth to envision something beyond what we believe to be manageable. It keeps us small and we begin to compromise and settle for less than. Eventually our ability to strategize, be creative and innovate flatlines and at the end of the day our venture suffers.

Our values stem from significant emotional events in our lives. The journey from just getting by to fulfilling on a big mission is one where we bring consciousness to our values and shift our relationship to these original imprints. Then how we show up can transform. 

Our values connect us to feeling states. I help leaders and entrepreneurs shift out of states of fear and restriction so they can harness expansive states to feel more empowered and connected to the truth of their mission. This helps them take the risks necessary to evolve and lean into their greatest potential.

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