How can your privilege support the greater good?  


Your life story and the adversity you’ve overcome often point to a new vision for the world. As a social impact entrepreneur your movement strives to create equity through both self and social transformation. 

Healing our own trauma is the pathway to not only better health but educational, social, economic and political justice. When we address the impacts of our own unresolved trauma we can rise up as champions of justice and shift both intergenerational and institutionalized trauma. 

Explore how your own healing path can lend itself to creating new possibility and hope for others. The new entrepreneur is contributing to life affirming systems through humility, noble leadership and compassion. 

Join other thought leaders and culture shifters in a dynamic discovery process.

TUESDAY, MAY 29th, 2018

490 Post Street
(between Powell and Mason)
Suite 1528 on 15th floor

San Francisco, CA 94111